One of the most important benefits of Socium’s model of private mental health care is that we’ve got the capacity to see you or your loved one straight away. Our mental health professionals are ready and waiting for your call.

As this article from the BBC shows, half of all children who seek help for their mental health in the NHS wait for more than four weeks to be seen.

There is a better way. Whether you’re looking for a short-term solution to get help for your loved one quickly, or you’re looking for a more flexible and long-term solution, Socium can help.

The public health service does phenomenal work. Nearly half a million children and young people with mental health disorders have been seen in the last year. However, as reported by the BBC the sad reality is that an estimated 1.5 million people under 18 face daily challenges with their mental health.


The impact of Covid

The unprecedented situation of the last few years has been difficult for all of us. The impact on public mental health services has been staggering.

Self-reported anxiety levels increased by nearly 50% between February and March of 2020. This is a clear indication that the first Covid lockdown had an immediate impact on the nation’s mental health.

Tellingly, the number of referrals to mental health service dropped precipitously between January and April 2020. In January 2020, GPs referred more than 350,000 people to a secondary mental health service. By April of the same year, this had fallen to just over 200,000.

So with anxiety levels increasing and the numbers of referrals decreasing, it’s understandable that the mental health of our young people has taken a hit recently.

This is brought into stark focus by Emma Thomas, head of the charity YoungMinds, who said:

“We have seen a big rise in referrals to mental health services and, as this data shows, it’s clear they have been struggling to cope. The pandemic has had a huge impact on young people’s mental health, exacerbating existing pressures and creating new ones.

“The young people we work with have told us that they have struggled with isolation, loneliness and concerns about the future. Whilst those that experienced trauma during the lockdowns, or were already experiencing inequalities, are likely to be disproportionately affected,”


How can Socium help?

Are you or a loved one are among the hundreds of thousands of people waiting for treatment or referral? Our mental health experts are available to help. We provide a wide range of cost-effective care and treatment services that are tailored to children and teenagers. All of which are available with no waiting list.


Socium Check-In

We remember what it was like to be young and to feel like we weren’t being listened to. Socium Check-In is a fantastic way to give your loved one the freedom to handle recovery in their own way. After an initial video assessment, Check-In gives your loved one a 30 minute call with a registered mental health nurse once a week.

In this call, our nurses discuss any issues your loved one may be experiencing. This covers any medications they’ve been prescribed, how any other treatment is going, and most importantly how they feel.

This makes Check-In the ideal service for teenagers or older children who want the independence and responsibility of taking care of their own recovery, but who still need someone to regularly check progress and discuss ideas with them. Check-In is an ideal accompaniment or short term substitute for more intensive therapy.

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Case Management

If you or your loved one are facing complex challenges and are having trouble keeping up with appointments, treatments and the occasionally dizzying array of different professionals you have to see, our Case Management service could be ideal for you.

Case Management gives you a single point of contact with an experienced professional at Socium. Our case managers bring everything together in a clear, decisive and manageable way, helping you make sense of the treatment options available to you.

Case Management is ideal for those who feel their voices and opinions may be getting lost in the shuffle. Our case managers listen to you and take on board your feelings about treatment. We’ll make sure you’ve got the tools you need to be an informed advocate for yourself or your loved one.

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Live-in Care

Our live-in care services provide a dedicated mental health professional in your home. Enable consistency and privacy in care that can’t be matched any other way.

Our live-in mental health nurses focus on developing a respectful and trusting relationship with their clients, ensuring there’s a friendly face ready to help at all times. Live-in care is a fantastic alternative to more intensive and disruptive residential treatment options.

Live-in care focuses on linking the more abstract treatment of therapy with real-life experience. This helps your loved one identify and handle difficult situations using the skills they learn in therapy. This makes live-in care far more successful in the long-term than a stay in a residential facility or a hospital.


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