Until recently mental health was rarely, if ever, discussed at work.
Whilst this was beginning to change before Covid-19 struck, the effects of the pandemic felt across society has accelerated this move towards openness and acceptance of mental health conditions at work.

This is leading businesses to think about what they can do to improve the mental health and wellbeing of their employees. We think that’s fantastic, so in this blog post we will explore four of the most important steps you can take to help improve your staff’s mental health.

Four Key Steps to Improving mental health in the workplace:

Encourage Mental Health Days

The first step you can take is to encourage staff to take time off work to focus on their mental health. Most businesses are likely to let staff members stay home if they’re suffering from a physical health condition, so why not do the same for mental health conditions?

The most important benefit of initiatives like this is that they go a long way to changing the culture around stress and mental health in the workplace. By putting mental health at the same level as physical health, where it belongs, you’ll send the message to your staff that they don’t have to suffer in silence.

Prioritise mental health education in your office

Help your staff spot signs of trouble in each other! All too often, it’s our friends, families and colleagues that notice something is wrong before we do.
Knowing what to look for is therefore half the battle; spotting signs of increasing stress levels among your colleagues can aid early intervention and make it easier for people to seek help.

The other half of the battle is changing attitudes. One of the greatest benefits of mental health awareness training is that it dispels myths and helps encourage acceptance of people’s challenges.

Provide treatment on-site

Professional therapy is the best way to tackle any mental health problems. So if you’re concerned about mental health in your workplace, why not work with healthcare professionals like Socium? We can help you send the message that your staff’s mental health is one of the most important assets to your business.
Our professional therapists and mental health nurses treat your staff with the utmost of respect, care and privacy. When you sign up with Socium, our number one allegiance is to the mental health of your staff, so we take confidentiality incredibly seriously.

Talk about it!

This is perhaps the most important initiative of all. The only way we will ever become more comfortable with mental health conditions is by talking about them.
That’s why we would suggest you open up lines of communication between managers and their direct reports. It’s only once you get to know your employees that you can start to identify concerning signs of change. Talking openly about mental health is also the best way to reduce and even eliminate any remaining stigma, and can make it far easier for people to discuss any challenges with their managers.

How Socium can help

You’re not alone with this! If you’re concerned about mental health in your workplace and want to introduce measures to combat stress and make it easier for your staff to seek help, we want to be a part of it.

As well as straightforward advice and guidance to your management team and HR departments, we can provide valuable services directly to your staff.

Socium Connect

Socium Connect is a unique self-service portal that gives users tips, tricks and advice to help improve their day to day.

Socium Connect is incredibly valuable for helping to tackle pervasive problems like stress in your organisation. Working from home in some cases has increased stress and anxiety levels across an entire workforce. The can lead to a huge reduction in productivity, efficiency and morale in many businesses.

Providing a Socium Connect subscription to each of your members of staff can be a very discreet and effective way to improve both mental and physical wellbeing across your business.

Socium Check-In

Check-In gives your staff an opportunity to privately raise any concerns with a registered mental health nurse. In a periodic half-hour call, our nurses will discuss your staff’s mental health, how they’re coping with stress and what progress has been made since the last call.

Since Check-In is a far more informal service than hour-long sessions with a therapist, you’re likely to see far more staff engage with it than they typically do with more traditional therapy. The most important function of Check-In is to provide an impartial outsider to discuss concerns and mental health challenges with. This ensures that your staff are happy to talk to our nurses, and therefore better able to get more value from their sessions.

Do you want to find out more? We’d love to help improve mental health in your workplace. Get in touch with Socium today on 0203 284 0007 or leave us a message to get started.