Sustainably recovering from a mental health condition is difficult, and often requires changes in lifestyle.

Doctors, psychiatrists, and therapists all focus on your mental and physical health, but don’t provide a lot of practical support when you’re looking to make changes to your lifestyle.

In this blog post we will explore some of the most important aspects of daily life that can affect your mental wellbeing. We’ll also describe how Socium Connect can help you face the challenges of growth and recovery.



Diet has a huge effect on your mental as well as physical health.

Mental health conditions often have an enormous impact on diet and eating habits. It’s perfectly understandable; eating food stimulates the release of dopamine, leading to a short-term boost in mood and perceived wellbeing.

Under-eating, over-eating, irregular eating habits and unhealthy food are all common among people living with a wide range of mental health conditions. Being aware of your eating habits and how they can affect your long term wellbeing is the first step to a healthier diet.

The goal of Socium Connect is to sustain and improve your mental and physical wellbeing through healthy living. Diet is a key element of this. Our experts have compiled an array of resources to help our clients maintain a healthy relationship with food.



We don’t need to tell you that exercise is great for your physical health!

Regular exercise is crucial for sustainable improvements to your wellbeing. We’re not suggesting that you join a gym and put yourself through a tough workout every day – unless you want to, of course!

Something as low impact as a daily walk with your dog or a loved one pays dividends in the long run. Regular physical activity stimulates the healthy and sustained release of important hormones which help regulate mood. But it’s not just about the chemical balance in your brain; regular physical activity is a fantastic way to start to get yourself back into a daily routine.



Along with diet and exercise, a daily routine is one of the most important elements of sustainable recovery.

Whether that means making a daily plan or creating a less rigorous monthly timetable, a routine helps you feel grounded, combating anxiety and helping you focus on the day to day.

Building a routine is very difficult at the start; studies have shown that on average it takes as long as 21 days to build a habit. That’s where we can come in. We can help you make a manageable daily routine, with regular informal catch ups to check on your progress and help you overcome any obstacles.


Shopping, day to day household requirements

We understand that for those living with mental health conditions, daily activities like shopping and cleaning can present huge challenges.

It’s not always easy to get out of the house, or even out of bed, which can make daily life extremely difficult.

Our services can provide the all-important leg up that we all sometimes need. As part of our focus on improving the day to day lives of our clients, we’re always happy to help you with your daily household activities. Whether that’s helping you plan a weekly food shopping trip or helping to break up the daunting task of cleaning your house into manageable chunks, we’re on your side.



Day to day life is made all the more difficult to manage if you’re reliant on public transport. Doubly so if you are facing the challenges of living with a mental health condition.

Our transportation services can help you arrange a totally seamless journey, giving you the confidence you need to attend an appointment, go shopping or even meet up with your friends.

If you feel you need a little more support, that’s no problem either. We can provide a discreet chaperone service to provide vital support on your journey and at your destination.


Socium Connect can:

  • Help you maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise.
  • Give you tips, tricks and advice for a healthy diet.
  • Help you stay in routine with healthy sleeping patterns.
  • Give you the assistance you need with daily activities like shopping.
  • Provide transportation and chaperone services to help you attend appointments with support along the way.
  • Provide assistance with personal grooming to help you feel better about yourself.


There’s so much more that we can do! We’ve developed a huge professional network of contacts over our years in business, so if you need a different kind of support that we haven’t covered here, all you need to do is ask!

Socium Connect’s key goal is to improve the daily lives of our clients, helping them face the unexpected challenges of a mental health condition that often aren’t addressed by doctors or other clinical staff. We’re in this together. Get in touch with the team on 0203 384 0007 or leave us a message on our website to get started.