If you or a loved one are having mental health difficulties, it’s a huge step to seek help in overcoming them. But it can be a real challenge to decide between care options. Inpatient treatments can be intimidating, and won’t suit everyone. That’s why we offer live-in mental health care at home.

In this blog post, we’ll run through the benefits of this alternative to inpatient care. The type of care you choose is so important to recovery, but the range of options can be overwhelming. We hope this helps to clarify matters.

How does live-in care work?

Quite simply, a mental health carer will be based in your home 24/7. This means you’ll have professional one-to-one support on hand whenever you need, without the disruption of residential treatment. The carer will become a familiar, friendly face, supporting you on your journey to recovery within the most comfortable setting of all – your home.

Home comforts

The familiarity of home is something we can all relate to. It’s where we keep our most cherished possessions. It’s a place that gives us stability and comfort, and a sense of control over our lives. All these are vital to our mental health, and yet inpatient treatments can take them away when we need them most.

With live-in care, you can keep hold of all this without any compromise on the treatment you need for your recovery. Your loved ones can drop in, and all your favourite things will be on hand. You can keep a routine going that keeps you connected with the world. But you get all this with the guidance of an experienced professional.

Personalised care

When it comes to mental health, there are no one-size-fits-all treatments. Everyone has different challenges and needs. Inpatient institutions and group treatments won’t always be suitable. With live-in care, you’ll work with an experienced professional you can trust. They’ll get to know you and your loved ones, and use their expertise to develop a recovery plan unique to you.

This happens in consultation with you and your family, providing a sense of control and independence as you get better. All this takes place in your home and on your terms.

Avoiding the stresses of inpatient care

While inpatient care can help, it entails a lot of potential stresses. Unfamiliar surroundings can cause distress. The loss of independence and personal space can be disorienting. Some people may experience a sense of isolation from the outside world. Add these up, and they can hinder recovery.

The ultimate goal of mental health care is to make everyday life easier to cope with, but inpatient care removes us from everyday life. Live-in care does the opposite. You keep your connection with everyday life, and your carer will adapt to you.

Avoiding waiting times

The NHS offers many great services, but it’s stretched. Waiting times for mental health services were already long, but COVID-19 only increased them. More people were reporting mental health difficulties due to the stresses of the pandemic, while restrictions on movement reduced the possibility of in-person support. It was a perfect storm: demand increased and supply decreased.

The NHS is still catching up with the backlog, but many people need help now. This is a significant advantage of private live-in care. Not only does it take place in a secure and private setting, but you can get a consultation as soon as you need. Mental health difficulties don’t wait in line – you don’t have to either.

What we do

At Socium, we specialise in live-in care. We’ve got years of experience in mental health services at every level, from the NHS to the private sector and from treatment to management. We know how unsettling inpatient treatment can be, and we’ve seen first hand how difficult it can be to choose the right kind of care.

We firmly believe that live-in care can be the best of all worlds. You have professional care on hand at all times, without having to leave the comfort, stability and continuity of home. This means you can have the safety of constant care without the disruption or added stress of an institution.


Our 24/7 live-in service is our most comprehensive option, but we understand that everyone’s needs and budgets are different. If you don’t feel the need for 24-hour support, our nurses and companions can also be with you for 6 or 12 hours per day.

If you’re not sure what you need, we understand that too. We also offer a full consultation and assessment by a senior mental health nurse, either in person or by video call. It’s important to seek support when you need it, but it’s equally important to know that you’re getting the help you need. That’s what we’re all about. We won’t pretend it’s easy, or that recovery is a simple journey. But we will use all our experience and expertise to guide you every step of the way.


To find out more about how Socium can help you or your loved one with your mental health, speak to our friendly team on 0203 384 0007 or explore our services on our website.