Case Management

Listening to you and those close to you is the only way to case manage

On your mental health journey, you’re sure to meet a lot of people. There’ll be different professionals, including psychiatrists, nurses and psychologists. There’ll be numerous appointments, sometimes across different locations.

At Socium, we provide you with a coordinated case management service that brings everything together in a clear, decisive and manageable way.

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A single point of contact

Everybody’s different. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to mental health. It’s our job to provide the level of support that’s right for you.

You’ll work with a dedicated case manager who’s fully committed to your care. There’s continuity at every step, and we’ll keep in contact even when your work with us is finished.

You’ll be listened to

You, and those closest to you, have the knowledge and experience that we need. It’s only by listening to you and understanding your journey, that we can create a plan for your progress.

That’s why we’ll include you in every discussion and every decision. There’ll be an open dialogue with families and carers every step of the way, because being informed is a big part of owning your future.

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