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We're 'Checking In'. With accessible, affordable care.

Asking for and accessing the help you need isn’t always easy. Whether it’s concerns around affordability, or a lack of clarity about the type of support you need, sometimes, having someone to touch base with is just what’s needed.

That’s why we’ve launched the Socium ‘Check-In’.

Socium 'Check-In' - What is it?

You’ll receive weekly video or telephone ‘Check-Ins’ with one of our expert Registered Mental Health Nurses (RMNs).

This is a mental health subscription service designed to support you when you need it.

Let’s talk.

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Here's how it works:


Step One

To make sure that Socium Check-In is the right fit for you, there’ll be an initial Mental Health Assessment over video call. Registration can be completed here, to reduce any delay in getting started.

Step Two

Once a week, your RMN will call you to 'Check-In'. Each call lasts up to 30 minutes, giving you the opportunity to talk about any issues you may be experiencing and how things are going.

Step 3

After each check-in, your RMN will prepare a detailed report, and update everyone involved in your care.

Fees and notes

Choose your initial assessment from the options below then book in the ongoing check-ins at the rolling cost


1.5-hour video assessment

A 1.5 hour video session with a RMN to provide an initial Mental Health Assessment.

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Face to face assessment

A face to face session with a RMN to provide an initial Mental Health Assessment.

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Then £29.99 per 'Check-In' - paid via GoCardless.

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What a 'Check-In' covers?

‘Check-In’s’ will cover the following areas:

  • Current mental state.
  • Medication compliance and side effect reporting.
  • Psycho-educational input.
  • Physical well-being.
  • Activities of Daily Living – maintaining a safe environment, communication, eating and drinking, toileting, washing, dressing, mobilisation and sleep hygiene.
  • Current exercise levels and outside activities.

Whatever you need to talk about, our ‘Check-In’ service can help. It’s based on simple, manageable steps that will ensure that you’re supported, signposted and not left to deal with things alone.

Ready to Check In?

The right outcome from your check-in

After each ‘Check-In’, we’ll record your assessment using our traffic light system:


We don’t need to do anything more right now.


We’ll notify your Consultant Psychiatrist or GP.


We’ll make an urgent referral to your Consultant Psychiatrist or GP.

Socium Check-In FAQ's


In order to comply with GDPR and Healthcare regulations, all clients will need to provide consent to us sharing the report findings with their GP or Consultant Psychiatrist.

In the event of an urgent referral, we will also require client consent to notify the Next of Kin, GP and or Consultant Psychiatrist.

Client consent can be withdrawn at any time, but that would result in the service provision being suspended.


If there is no response to a scheduled call, we will repeat a call every 5 minutes over a 20-minute period. If there is still no answer, we will contact Next of Kin and Responsible Clinician (usually a Consultant Psychiatrist or GP) to investigate the lack of response further.


It is important to note that this is not an emergency mental health service, however in the event of serious concerns raised, we will notify the NHS emergency services, Responsible Clinician and Next of Kin.

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