There’s so much more
that we do

The Socium family is so much more than a mental health care provider.

We’re a hub of experienced and resourceful people, committed to helping you live a better day to day.

Because we know that mental health difficulties don’t always have an obvious or definitive solution, we’re all about finding ways to make your mental health journey that little bit easier.

Socium Connect

At Socium, you’ll hear us talk a lot about a ‘better day to day’. That’s because mental health difficulties aren’t an isolated part of life, they impact every single aspect of daily living.

So when you’re making efforts to move forward, it’s understandable that other areas of your day to day may be fairly low down on your list of priorities. This is where Socium can provide additional help; providing support to sustain and improve not only your mental health, but your physical health and your wellbeing, too.

Socium can help with:

  • Advice around your diet and fitness regimes.
  • Shopping and day to day household requirements.
  • Personal grooming to help you feel better about yourself.
  • Translation services if this is something you need.
  • Transportation and chaperone services for seamless journeys, and support along the way.

There’s so much more that we can do

With professional networks across the board, every single one of our doors is open to you.

If we don’t have the answers to your questions, or you need a different kind of support, rest assured we’ll know the person, or people, who can help.

Take the next step on your mental health journey, with Socium.