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At Socium, we’re committed to changing the way mental health is seen, heard and managed. That commitment is inspired by you.

You should know, and be proud of the fact that your time at Socium will inform, guide and encourage the creation of a better path to mental health.

Mental health, and its difficulties, affect people from every section of society, no matter their age, gender, or profession. Mental health doesn’t discriminate, and neither do the charities and foundations that provide the support that’s so absolutely crucial to those who need it.

Socium and hope, for a better future

Hope lies at the heart of our work here at Socium.

Like you, we hope for change, we hope for good outcomes, and we hope for a better day to day for everyone living with a mental health difficulty.

At Socium, we work with some amazing charities and networks who, like us, are striving hard to be part of the change we all want to see.

So as part of that commitment, after completing the first week of any live-in assignment, we will invite our clients to choose from one of the three incredible charities listed below and then donate £100 of our fees to that charity.

It’s our way of saying ‘thank you’ and giving back to such worthwhile causes.

Take a look at who we’re working with:
The Laura Hyde Foundation

Taking care of those who take care of us

The Laura Hyde foundation is the UK’s leading charity dedicated to providing mental health support for our emergency services. The foundation has representation in over 98% of UK hospitals and supports nurses, doctors, GP’s, paramedics, midwives, HCA’s, fire, police and care workers.

The Laura Hyde Foundation was set up in 2018 following the suicide of Laura Hyde, and is dedicated to taking care of those who are tasked with taking care of us. The Foundation also provides counselling support and mental health training for those who need it, and who want to learn more.

Learn more about the work of the Laura Hyde Foundation here.

The Clock Tower Sanctuary

Enabling our homeless young people to feel safe, ‘just be’ and realise their potential

The Clock Tower Sanctuary is a safe space for 16-25 year olds who are dealing with homelessness. It’s a place where they can access services and support whilst at the same time take the opportunity to rest, and ‘just be’.

At The Clock Tower Sanctuary, young homeless people can get access to the day to day things we take for granted; a hot meal and a warm shower, a place to do the laundry and somewhere they can pick up their post. That way, the young people they support can have hope for the future and understand their worth and potential.

Find out more about their work here.

Power of Parenting

Creating life as it should be for foster children

With a firm belief in equal opportunity for all children, Power of Parenting recognises and supports the efforts of foster parents to provide Looked After Children with normal lives filled with love, kindness and safety.

Power of Parenting was set up to break the cycle of neglect that so many Looked After children face on a daily basis. Like all children, Foster Children should have the same opportunities when it comes to further education, achieving their goals and fulfilling their potential.

Recognising the real need for more foster families, Power of Parenting is on a mission to raise the profile of fostering and just how amazing it can be.

You can take a closer look here.

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