Live-in care from Socium’s experienced mental health professionals is more effective than a stay at an inpatient facility. In this blog post we will explore why this is, and how our live-in mental health nurses can help you or your loved ones recover safely, comfortably and sustainably.


Live-in care guarantees 1:1 care

The majority of psychiatric facilities, including private hospitals, don’t have the capacity and staffing levels needed to offer one to one treatment and therapy.

Unless your loved one is staying in an exceptionally expensive facility, there will be at least 5 patients for every one nurse. Premiums for 1-1 care in private facilities regularly top £1,000 per day.

This runs counter to the common assumption that a psychiatric hospital can provide the most effective care for your loved one. Socium’s full-time live-in carers guarantee a true one to one care experience; they work with you and only you.

Socium are able to offer better levels of care than all but the most expensive private hospitals without any costly 1-1 premiums.


A comfortable and relaxing environment

When it comes to recovering from a mental health crisis, comfort is crucial. In many cases, the setting in which care and treatment are delivered is every bit as important as the treatment itself.

It can be extremely difficult for people to “open up” in the impersonal and chaotic environment of an inpatient facility.

Live-in care allows your loved one to continue to sleep in their own bed, eat the food they like and to maintain their social lives. These are all hugely beneficial to the treatment of and recovery from a wide array of conditions. This also hugely helps the transition when live in care comes to an end.


Sustainable recovery

Outpatient treatment can be much more effective at helping your loved one learn coping strategies and identify triggers or challenging situations than a stay at a residential facility.

Being able to quickly identify and respond to challenging real-life situations is key to sustainable recovery. Many of our live-in nursing clients experience chronic conditions that will always be with them in some way. Learning to live with and manage the condition is a critical element of recovering from an acute crisis.


Surround yourself with people who care

No one cares more about your loved one’s recovery than you. It is always important for people struggling with their mental health to remember that they are surrounded by people who love them and want to help them get better.

We don’t feel that isolating our clients from their established support networks promotes growth or recovery. Inpatient facilities can never be as effective as live-in carers when it comes to making use of existing support networks.


Build on existing treatment, don’t start from the beginning

Hospitals and inpatient recovery centres are never anyone’s first choice for treatment.

As you can imagine, moving to an inpatient facility is hugely disruptive to the recovery process. In many cases, patients will have to almost “start over” with their treatment. Building a rapport with different therapists, adjusting to a group therapy setting and meeting dozens of new people can set patients back significantly, effectively reversing a lot of progress they had made before making the move.

Live-in carers and mental health nurses integrate with your loved one’s ongoing care. This provides an additional level of help rather than uprooting everything.



With a live-in nurse, your loved one’s treatment is their own. There is still sadly a huge amount of stigma surrounding mental health, so privacy is a key concern for many of our clients.

By continuing to receive care in their own home, our clients feel more secure and are often more prepared to engage positively with psychiatrists, doctors or therapists.

Our mental health nurses ensure total confidentiality. This allows you and your loved ones to manage recovery and treatment without worrying about stigma.


Provide a route forward

It can be extremely difficult to transition from inpatient treatment to care in the community. Because of this, psychiatrists are often reluctant to allow their patients to continue their recovery from home without evidence of a strong support network in place.

Live-in carers are an enormous step forward in this respect. We work with a lot of families of the patients of residential facilities, helping them to build up a treatment framework to prepare for their loved ones coming home.

Arranging full-time or live-in care for your loved one instils confidence in psychiatrists and other clinicians. This demonstrates to them that their patient will be well cared for at home and in the community.


Moving your loved one back in to the community is a difficult and sometimes lengthy process. At Socium we believe that the best place to recover is at home. We will do everything we can to make the transition simple and frictionless.

Socium’s live-in care service is designed to:

  • Ease the transition from inpatient treatment to outpatient recovery.
  • Build a strong rapport with our clients, giving them a true one to one experience at no extra cost.
  • Help our clients recover comfortably and securely.
  • Provide complete confidentiality and privacy in treatment.
  • Extend the support network of our clients, enabling early intervention and sustainable recovery.

Find out more about our live-in care services, get in touch with Socium today on 0203 384 0007.