Navigating the options of your mental health treatment while juggling appointments and medication is not an easy task. It can even get in the way of your recovery by adding more pressure to an already stressful situation.

Even if you’ve found medication and care that work for you, managing a myriad of appointments with different clinicians can be extremely stressful. That’s where Socium’s case management team steps in.

We offer a dedicated case management service to help our clients and their loved ones take ownership of treatment. In this blog post we will explore some of the benefits of our case management services, and how they can help you on the road to recovery.


Patient Advocacy

GP and other medical appointments can be overwhelming. We know how it can be. You’ll often think of an important question to ask just as you get home from your appointment.

That’s where our case managers can step in. While they don’t have the medical knowledge of a GP, our dedicated case managers have a huge amount of experience in mental health care. This ensures that they can answer almost any question you may have about your care, treatment or recovery.

For any questions they can’t answer, they have access to a wealth of industry contacts and our own in-house clinicians. This ensures we can answer all your questions, de-mystifying recovery and treatment.

Our case managers can also help you prepare for a GP or other medical appointment by discussing your options with you ahead of time. Preparing for your appointment is the best way to make sure you get the most value from it; if you know ahead of time the broad strokes of what you’re going to discuss, it is far easier to stay focused and reduce anxiety. This in turn helps to make sure that you have all the opportunity you need to ask your GP about your care and treatment.


Single Point of Contact

Mental health care can be extremely complex, and often includes several different medical personnel of different specialties.

With so many people involved in your care it can be easy to feel like you’re getting lost in the shuffle.

Our case managers put you at the core of everything they do. At every step of the way, their priority is to be available for you to ask questions, or even just to find the right person to ask your questions to.

This dedicated single point of contact ensures you can take ownership of your recovery. They keep you informed of the road ahead and make you an expert of your own mental health.


Keeping Family and Loved Ones in the Loop

Most of our clients have a fantastic support network in their family and loved ones; it’s difficult to overstate just how valuable your support networks can be in recovery.

Sadly, this is one area where GPs and other mental health specialists can struggle. It’s understandable; with so much time pressure on doctors and medical professionals, it’s not realistically possible for them to include your entire support network in a single 10-minute appointment.

At Socium we recognise that your friends, family and loved ones are a phenomenal asset to recovery. That’s why our case managers like to include the loved ones of our clients in conversations where appropriate. It can be difficult to identify small differences in your own behaviour or mental state while you’re facing challenges; your loved ones and those closest to you can be incredibly insightful about your care and treatment.

Of course, it’s entirely up to you who we speak to. We like to encourage our clients to include trusted loved ones in our conversations. This helps us fine-tune your care to your individual needs, putting us in the best position to identify where treatment is working well. This also helps identify where you may need to re-visit your options.


Managing the Day to Day

Mental health care is often extremely complex, and can involve several different medical professionals, medications and treatments.

Managing these by yourself can add huge amounts of stress to an already difficult situation. It’s a lot to handle, but our case managers make everything clear and manageable. We’ll help you make sense of your paperwork, keep track of your prescriptions, remind you of upcoming appointments and even make sure you’ve got transport.

This helps to make sure you always feel in control and up to speed, relieving pressure and improving the success of treatment.

Similarly, our case managers can help you identify how well any medications you take are working before a doctors’ appointment. This helps you get more value from each of your medical appointments, and can also help medical professionals intervene sooner if a particular medication isn’t working as it should for you.


Mental health case management is only a small part of what we do, although it is incredibly important. If you’re finding it difficult to keep on top of your appointments, medications or treatment, please contact our case management team on 0203 384 0007 or leave us a message on our website.