The public sector’s mental health care services have been running at full capacity for a long time. While the level of care and treatment the public sector provides is fantastic, it can be months before you see anyone.

When you’re facing a crisis and you need help, every moment helps. That’s why an increasing number of people are looking to the private sector to provide care and treatment for mental health disorders. There are a huge number of different private treatments available for mental health care, so it stands to reason that some are more effective than others.

Getting professional treatment and care in your own home is the best route to a sustainable long-term recovery. It’s not just us saying this, though. A huge number of respected psychiatrists and other clinicians agree with us.

“Home treatment for mental health care has been demonstrated many times as being more desirable in terms of efficacy, cost effectiveness and above all patient choice.”

Dr Mohammed Al Saidi, Consultant Psychiatrist – London


What is private mental health care?

Socium’s private live-in mental health care services are a fantastic alternative to residential facilities.

When you sign up for live-in care with Socium, we’ll arrange an in-depth consultation with you, your loved ones and anyone else already involved with your treatment if you’d like. This helps us identify your needs ahead of time, allowing us to start to build a treatment and care plan that we can implement from day one.

Our consultations also have the added benefit of giving us the opportunity to get to know you. Registered mental health nurses will be spending a lot of time with you throughout your recovery, so your consultation can help us find the right nurse for you.

Our live-in nurses stay in your home, helping you to put the lessons you learn in recovery into practice. Live-in care is a far less disruptive but no less effective alternative to a stay in a residential facility.


Why is it different to in-patient care?

More than any other form of mental health care, our live-in nursing service is tailored to you. We put you in the driving seat, making sure you remain where you’re most comfortable. We believe this makes private mental health care far more effective in the long term than in-patient alternatives.

Of course, private mental health care has a few different meanings depending on context.

Firstly, our services are available outside of the labyrinthine public sector. This means that we’ve got the capacity to provide the help you need when you need it. Waiting lists for NHS treatment can be months long, which can be particularly difficult when you’re facing an acute crisis. We can help immediately, so whether you’re looking for a long-term alternative to public sector services, or some additional short-term help while you wait for the NHS, we’re here for you.

Secondly, private means privacy. One of the chief disadvantages of in-patient care is that it takes you out of the environment you’re comfortable in. We believe privacy and confidentiality in care is absolutely crucial.

The final, and perhaps most important benefit of our live-in service is the one-to-one ratio of care. With a registered mental health nurse dedicated just to you, our private mental health service provides a level of care that even the most expensive residential facilities can’t hope to match.


What are the costs?

Not only is live-in care more effective than in-patient treatment, but it is more affordable too. With residential facilities often costing over £1000 per day, our in-home care is available from £399 per day for six hours of support. This level of support matches and even exceeds the amount of face-to-face care you’d receive in 24 hours at a typical residential facility, giving a far more cost-effective route to recovery.

Full 24/7 live-in nursing is available from Socium at £799 per day, which represents the best level of care around, providing more face-to-face care than you could ever receive in a residential care facility.

Other costs of in-patient treatment are often overlooked, but are no less important. Moving to an in-patient centre inevitably uproots your entire life; maintaining a social life becomes next to impossible. This can also have an enormous impact on the speed of your recovery. Remaining in your home where you’re comfortable and able to continue engaging positively with your social life can lead to a far quicker and more sustainable recovery.


Conditions covered

Our live-in care services are suitable for a wider range of conditions than more traditional in-patient treatment. Together, we can find the path to better mental health.

Some of the conditions we can help with are:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Depression
  • Bipolar type 1
  • Bipolar type 2
  • General Anxiety Disorder
  • Autism
  • Asperger’s
  • OCD
  • PTSD
  • ADHD
  • Personality Disorders
  • Dementia


If you or a loved one are facing challenges with mental health, please get in touch with Socium on 0203 384 0007 to discuss how we can help.